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Wes + Brittany// Bear Valley Springs

I can't say enough about these two! I met Brittany at a coffee shop for the first time to talk about the details of her and Wes's wedding and see if my style would match the look and feel that they dreamed of for their big day.Well, within the first two minutes, I didn't know anything about her wedding, but I knew I wanted to be friends with this girl!! What an absolutely beautiful person inside and out! From that meeting and hearing about all of the sweet, intimate details of the wedding, I knew I had to be a part of this day! I mean, she told me she wanted to go out on a canoe for goodness sake! It was to be all outdoors (my style), it was personal and intimate (my style), it was to be bright and green and natural (my style.) In other words, it was a perfect match!The day was absolutely flawless in every way. Both Brittany and Wes's friends and family were all so warm, welcoming and wonderful. And on top of that, they had so many unique and hand-crafted details that made their day THEIR DAY, no one else could ever replicate!

Venue: Four Island's Lake// Bear Valley Springs

Hair and Makeup: Remba Productions

Signs & Calligraphy: Enon & Ivory + Hue Creative

Dress: Stella York

Catering: Salty's BBQFlorals: DIY!!!

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