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Noteworthy Weddings Partnership

This post is long overdue. I feel the need to tell you all about this incredible company that I get the opportunity to work with on an occasional basis. Noteworthy Weddings started off as a wedding video company and decided a few years ago to branch out into wedding photography as well. When I heard about this, I immediately reached out. The second you take a look at their wedding videos you'll see why. These guys are insanely talented. So when they offered to let me shoot some wedding photos for them, I was already excited but after having worked together with the team, I am just in awe. Every single person on the team is so fun and thoughtful and caring and just watches out for each other. We've all become family and try to have meetings just to keep up with each other when we haven't been together in a while. I feel like it so rare to find a whole team to click with, but when you all become more than just co-workers but friends... it's something truly special. I value and treasure every wedding I get to shoot with these guys!!! Check them out!

Here's a little snippet of one the many UH-MAZE-ING weddings that I've had the opportunity to shoot with them!!! I just saw these two this past weekend at another wedding and they're seriously just the sweetest:)

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