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Picnic in the Hollywood Woods

I seriously can't help but smile when I look through photos of these two! Both Mike and Denise are just the most positive, happy, smiley, goofy, fun people I've ever gotten the wonderful chance to work with! Before I even met Denise, I knew we'd be great friends, not just client/vendors. What with all of the exclamation points and colorful emoji's in our messages to one another, I knew it was meant to be! hehe!

So when we started discussing their engagement shoot, Denise made it very clear that she's a foodie! She loves to try all different kinds of foods and go on food tasting adventures. If you ever need advice as to where to go for anything specific, ask her! She won't let you down! So they wanted to do a picnic with all kinds of colorful, delicious foods. It was a perfect opportunity for us to hang out and laugh and play around, as well as eat yummy food. So we journey'd to the fairly unknown reservoir hidden away in the woods in Hollywood and set it all up! It was such a fun shoot for me and so perfectly them!

Oh and how incredible is Mike's truck?!!!

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