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30th Birthday in the Woods

This is what happens when you have 3 best friends on a camping trip, one of which is a photographer, one a designer and one a gorgeous musician celebrating her 30th! Jamie and I have been best friends for years now and if there's one things I've learned is that she is notorious for planning and then not planning her birthday! haha! So when she said she wanted to go on a camping trip for her birthday, that sounded great! But I decided it needed to be more than just a camping trip, this is a big birthday and this chick is way to incredible and special and loving and funny and kind and caring to not feel like a queen on her birthday! So while it was small and intimate and very simple... it was elegant and special and just the perfect way to celebrate this beautiful woman!

Her favorite color is green so we worked with that throughout the setting. She also writes music and is an incredible vocalist so I used music notes for the place settings and had a poster made of some song lyrics that she wrote. She didn't know a single thing that we were putting together so everything there was a surprise except the delicious Blackberry Whiskey Cocktail and the S'more bar. Those were her only requests and I was MORE THAN HAPPY to oblige these delicious requests. Other than that, she knew nothing, I just told her it was going to be a nice dinner and to dress up. So after a long hike, we sent her away to change and freshen up while we put this all together! So when she came back she got to check out everything for the first time. It was an awesome weekend camping and getting outside of LA but it was even more wonderful to have the opportunity to celebrate this amazing woman:)! <3

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